Acclinate Wins DPHARM Idol Disrupt 2022

Congratulations to Del Smith, PhD and our entire Acclinate team for being named the winner of DPHARM: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Idol 2022.

DPHARM Idol is an annual competition that recognizes disruptive companies on their technologies and services for their quality, especially for the benefit of patients for the pharma and healthcare industry.

Acclinate had six minutes to present to DPHARM Idol Disrupt’s judges, followed by a rigorous Q&A.

“The core of what Acclinate is addressing is increasing trust, particularly with communities of color,” said Dr. Smith. “It is about engaging with the individual before they become a patient, going further upstream in the process to do the work necessary to build trust.”

To learn more about the competition, read the press release here

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