Unveiling the Path to Inclusivity: DE&I in Clinical Research

A trend report from Acclinate and Advarra on the current state of diversity in clinical research, with tangible recommendations for meeting diversity goals in the year ahead.

In the dynamic realm of clinical research our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) stands as a cornerstone for positive change. Acclinate, in partnership with Advarra, is excited to present our Trend Report: DE&I in Clinical Research – a comprehensive exploration of where our inclusivity efforts stand today with tangible recommendations for improving representation in the year ahead. 

Clinical trials, crucial for medical progress, often grapple with a lack of diverse representation. Recent FDA directives have emphasized the industry's imperative to embrace inclusivity, steering the research landscape toward a more equitable future.

Our joint report unveils key findings, from awareness and confidence levels to strategies for diverse enrollment, providing insights into the elements shaping the path towards inclusivity.

Exploring financial dynamics, we delve into the budgetary impact on recruitment and relationship building. As our path to diversity and health equity continues , we present a blueprint for progress, emphasizing the collective responsibility of stakeholders in fostering inclusivity. 

Clinical research isn't just about trials; it's about shaping the future of healthcare. Our Trend Report serves as a call to action, urging the industry to address disparities actively and embrace historically excluded populations. 

From actionable insights to tangible ideas, join us in charting the course toward positive change.

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