CEO Del Smith recognized as a Top 50 in Digital Health
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Lightship and Acclinate Announce Partnership

A collaboration to increase access and engagement of diverse participants

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Acclinate Wins DPHARM Idol Disrupt

Acclinate wins DPHARM Idol Disrupt at the 12th annual DPHARM: Disruptive Innovations to Modernize Clinical Research 2022 event

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Affective Trust Webinar

Take a look at Acclinate’s CEO Del Smith, PhD and Chief Medical Lead Camille Pope, PharmD's discussion on increasing recruitment and retention of communities of color in clinical trials.

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Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards

NOWINCLUDED has been selected as an honorable mention by Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards for the second year in a row.

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Achieve More Diversity in Your Clinical Trials

Acclinate uses sustained community engagement and technology to achieve more inclusive clinical research. 

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"A Change Gone Come"​

Read our take on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's important step to increase racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials.

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Health equity through inclusive research

We help pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations access and engage communities of color so research is more inclusive. 

Community Access and Engagement

#NOWINCLUDED is our platform for building trust with communities of color and empowering them to take control of their health.

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Engagement Analytics

e-DICT is our analytical toolset that provides insight into community engagement and trial participation potential for pharmaceutical companies.

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Early Engagement to Participation

Pre-engagement and awareness is necessary to build trust with communities of color who may be skeptical of participating in clinical research.

Stage 1

Early Engagement

Acclinate increases trust and awareness of research-related health topics in communities of color through our NOWINCLUDED platform.

Stage 2


With our team of culturally-competent community engagement specialists, Acclinate engages most likely participants of specific research-related health issues (e.g., health disparities, common misdiagnoses, sources of information, options for care).

Stage 3


Acclinate's predictive analytics tool, e-DICT, helps pharmaceutical companies and health organizations present their trial to likely participants, driving down recruitment costs and increasing diverse enrollment.

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What Acclinate Is Achieving
To improve diverse recruitment for an RSV vaccine trial, Acclinate found that communities near the customer’s trial sites lacked trust and awareness of the customer. To establish trust, Acclinate executed a three-stage engagement approach.
What Acclinate Is Achieving
“We want to support, mentor, and accelerate companies working in some of the most critical areas of unmet need in health care, and Acclinate is doing just that with their mission to drive clinical trial diversity.”
Sally Allai, Head of JLABS @ Washington, DC
What Acclinate Is Achieving
Acclinate identified a lack of trust, interest, and awareness in the customer's organic infant formula trial. Acclinate executed its affective trust framework to re-engage the community and establish trust.


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Month-over-month community growth

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Accessed community members in the NOWINCLUDED ecosystem

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Average diversity target for current client studies

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Acclinate's predictive analytics software, e-DICT, helps pharmaceutical companies and health organizations identify and hyper-target likely participants for their clinical research, driving down recruitment costs and increasing diverse enrollment.

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What People Are Saying

"Trust is driven by relationships. The key to diversity is inclusion, we strive to include minorities in conversations, not as a statistic, as a human being."

Tiffany Whitlow Picture

Tiffany Whitlow
Co-Founder, CDO

“We partnered with Acclinate because their platform and services will lead to successful recruitment and engagement of study participants for our first of its kind, ARGONAUT study.”

Stephanie Culler, Ph.D. Picture

Stephanie Culler, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, CEO
Persephone Biosciences, Inc.

“Acclinate is at the forefront of implementing a portal to make certain minorities are included in clinical trials.”

Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD Picture

Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD
Serina Therapeutics

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