Mobilize Toward Equity in Healthcare

Connect better with communities of color and increase diversity in clinical research through community engagement and predictive insights. Acclinate turns trust and data into better representation.

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Diversity in Clinical Trials

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Meet FDA requirements for diversity plans.

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Reduce time and recruitment costs.

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Diversity in Healthcare

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Get hands-on help with planning, marketing, events, and more.

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Increase participation through affective trust.

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Our Three-Step Engagement Process

Participation in pharmaceutical trials and other health initiatives takes trust. Acclinate marries cultural connection with predictive software to access, engage, and educate communities of color about the value of clinical trial participation, then encourages potential community members to act.


Assess Data

Zero in on typically hard-to-reach communities, then create a plan to increase awareness and ultimately participation.


Engage & Educate

Build trust, foster knowledge, and empower communities and people of color with relevant health conditions to own their individual care through NOWINCLUDED.


Encourage & Follow Up

Target interested community members to spark participation in research opportunities they may qualify for, and keep engaging to inspire advocacy and remain top of mind.

What Makes Us Different

What We Are:

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A for us, by us business
Built for communities of color by members of the community.

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We have successfully mobilized communities to take action at a higher rate than similar vendors.

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The piece you’ve been missing
Acclinate offers a complementary solution designed to diversify existing recruitment strategies.

What We Are Not:

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A recruitment company
We build affective trust rather than cognitive trust, appealing to emotional and community values, which is more effective in reaching underrepresented communities.

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Transactional in nature
Recruitment companies find bodies for trials. We create lasting relationships with hard-to-reach individuals.

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“Acclinate is at the forefront of implementing a portal to make certain minorities are included in clinical trials.”

Dr. Randall Moreadith | President, Serina Therapeutics