Inclusion shouldn't be optional.

Acclinate exists to shape more inclusive healthcare. Our NOWINCLUDED community supports this mission by amplifying diverse voices and empowering communities of color to take control of their health journeys through education and advocacy.


Together, we thrive.

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We collaborate with community ambassadors and leaders to improve health outcomes for communities of color. Ready to make some change together? Connect with us.




On our NOWINCLUDED platform, community members access trusted health resources, share their unique health stories, and connect with other members who may share their lived experiences.

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Acclinate empowers the NOWINCLUDED community to know more and do more on their healthcare journeys, including participating in clinical research opportunities.


Rooted in personal experience

Del Smith, Ph.D

Del’s Story

When my mother passed away, I went searching for my biological father and found that he and every male on that side of my family had passed away before the age of 50. It was very important that I get and use that information to affect my future health. It’s important for everyone.
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Tiffany Whitlow

Tiffany’s Story

As a young mom, my son was diagnosed with asthma. When he was only a toddler, I discovered that his asthma medication, Albuterol, was significantly less effective for him than his white peers. When we look at how drugs are developed, we see that groups with a higher propensity for certain diseases do not have adequate representation in testing.
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The new standard for inclusive health

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A for us, by us business
Built for communities of color by members of the community determined to empower, educate, and set a new standard for health.

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Built on affective trust and more successful than similar organizations in mobilizing underrepresented communities to take action.

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Led by lived experience. Our subject matter experts leverage their backgrounds and professional achievements to engage and educate by any means necessary.

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What we're not

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A recruitment company
Acclinate builds affective trust rather than cognitive trust, appealing to emotional and community values, which is more effective in reaching underrepresented communities.

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Transactional in nature
Recruitment companies find bodies for trials. We create lasting relationships with hard-to-reach individuals.