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Acclinate isn’t recruitment.
It’s a community-fueled catalyst for change.

Get access to communities of color.

Reach targeted audiences faster and more effectively with access to Acclinate’s diverse, 100K-strong online community and existing activation points. No matter the specific qualifications of your trial, we’ll help you locate, educate, and engage just the right people.

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engage and educate


engage and educate


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Use affective trust to increase participation. 

Typical recruitment uses cognitive trust to help people feel confident in joining a trial. However, communities of color may be skeptical. Acclincate’s NOWINCLUDED platform primes community members with information on conditions, health resources, and a place to connect. The platform aims to empower members to take control of their medical journeys, creating affective – emotional, and communal – trust.

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Reduce recruitment time and costs.

Acclinate gives research sponsors the keys to unlock stellar DEI in clinical trials – access to hard-to-reach communities and technology to cultivate and engage the right groups. It's essential to separate sustained community engagement from the recruitment process and leverage conversion metrics to establish a strong connection between the two.

Acclinate doubles down on sustained community engagement tactics that correlate highly with recruitment, enrollment, and retention.

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Predict behavior and plan for future trials.

Acclinate’s extensive data set, analytics, and predictive AI software give you the insights to help you plan and place future trials in just the right locations.

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Acclinate toward equity in healthcare.

Our Clients are Changing the Face of Healthcare Research

Lightship partnered with Acclinate to increase African American representation in a phase 3 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease.


Acclinate’s increase in total pre-screened patients, accomplished in a third of the time.


Of those who passed the prescreener answered a call from Acclinate expressing interest in participating.

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Sometimes, people do not know how to gain access to clinical trials. Our partnership with Acclinate leverage[d] their established, trusted community connections, digital platform, and app with Lightship’s robust clinical trial infrastructure and commitment to meeting participants where they are to deliver their clinical trial.

David MacMurchy

CEO, Lightship

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Read more about our approach.

Diversifying Clinical Trials: 8 Best Practices

Here are the 8 best practices for revolutionizing clinical trial diversity to make research more inclusive. Including:
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How to invest resources into diversity upfront

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Design trials for communities of color

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Understand the communities you’re working with

Diversity in Clinical Trials Whitepaper

Diversity in healthcare matters.

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Every person deserves appropriate care.

Humans aren’t homogenous. Taking our differences into account when researching vital medical treatments means better care for groups that have often been “left out” of mainstream clinical research.

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Safer, more effective treatments are the goal.

A broader test pool means more information – and an increased ability to assess drug efficacy and negative reactions before going to market.