Helping communities
of color make informed health decisions.

NOWINCLUDED is a digital health platform that uses technology to engage with communities of color on health-related issues.

inclusion of minorities in clinical trials

Inclusion isn’t just an option. It’s the only way.

When it comes to medical information and education, we aren’t all included - not the way we should be, and not the way we can be. NOWINCLUDED engages diverse communities with top-rated health research while providing them with a trusted digital experience.

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Increase Reach

Access a community of highly-intent and diverse minorities from across the country.

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Increase Engagement

Collaborate on content development and messaging specifically for minority participation.

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Increase Participation

Conduct post-assessment surveys and follow-ups of the same users.

A trusted source

NOWINCLUDED is a direct line to understanding the attitudes, aspirations, and unmet needs of the most diverse and underrepresented minority communities.

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We take the great advocacy work to the next level.

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NOWINCLUDED explores how digital engagement influences health knowledge, clinical trial hesitancy, intention to engage in studies, and actual participation among various groups.

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Survey new and existing digital platform users to obtain pre-assessments of inclination to participate in health studies, clinical trials, or related medical research.

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Follow Up

Employ hyper-targeted digital intervention to increase the willingness to participate, then conduct post-assessments of the same users to determine conversion.

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Rett Syndrome and Rallying Around Tiana: Why The Vega Family Participates In Clinical Trials

Read how NOWINCLUDED is helping healthcare organizations that are using Acclinate to reach and engage diverse individuals, families, and communities.

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What People Are Saying

“Trust is driven by relationships. The key to diversity is inclusion, we strive to include minorities in conversations, not as a statistic, as a human being.”

Tiffany Whitlow, COO Acclinate

Tiffany Whitlow
Co-Founder, CDO

“We partnered with Acclinate because their platform and services will lead to successful recruitment and engagement of study participants for our first of its kind, ARGONAUT study.”

Stephanie Culler, Ph.D.

Stephanie Culler, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, CEO
Persephone Biosciences, Inc.

“Acclinate is at the forefront of implementing a portal to make certain minorities are included in clinical trials.”

Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD

Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD
Serina Therapeutics