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Health equity through inclusive research.
Healthcare Equity, Mobilized.
Before recruitment, build representation.

Short Description

Acclinate is a healthcare technology company helping pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations access and engage communities of color so research is more inclusive.

Long Description

Acclinate is a digital health company that is working to improve health equity through predictive analytics technology and community engagement. We specialize in accessing and engaging communities of color so they can make informed health decisions and learn about clinical trial participation. Through our online platform, NOWINCLUDED, we provide education, resources, and research opportunities to our community members. Learn more at


At Acclinate, our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations access and engage communities of color, so research is more inclusive. We are dedicated to transforming the landscape of healthcare, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background, has equal access and representation in clinical trials.

Our purpose is to bridge the gap between the healthcare industry and minority communities. By leveraging innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology, we empower these stakeholders to collaborate effectively, fostering trust and engagement within underserved populations.

Clinical trials serve as crucial investigations to assess the efficacy of new drugs and therapies. However, historically, these trials have predominantly involved white men as participants. It is imperative to recognize that individuals from various races, age groups, and genders often respond differently to medical treatments, due to inherent genetic disparities. Thus, to accurately measure the effectiveness of medical advancements, it’s imperative to advocate for comprehensive and representative inclusion in clinical research.

At Acclinate, we work tirelessly to foster strong relationships with communities of color, building a foundation of affective trust through our NOWINCLUDED platform. We actively listen, engage, and educate, empowering our communities with knowledge about the importance of inclusive clinical research and owning their individual health journey.

Fast Facts

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL but operating with a widely remote team of 30+ employees across the US and Canada
Founded in 2020
Dr. Del Smith is Co-Founder & CEO
Tiffany Whitlow is Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer
Seed funding of $3.5M was raised in October 2022
Working with 5 out of 10 of the top pharmaceutical companies in the US
Engaging communities of color through the NOWINCLUDED platform (check out to learn more)
Acclinate is an equal opportunity employer, focused on fostering diversity as we expand our team and connect to the communities we are a part of

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Customer & Founder Quotes

Sometimes, people do not know how to gain access to clinical trials. Our partnership with Acclinate leverage[d] their established, trusted community connections, digital platform, and app with Lightship’s robust clinical trial infrastructure and commitment to meeting participants where they are to deliver their clinical trial.
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David MacMurchy
David MacMurchy | CEO of Lightship
We partnered with Acclinate because their platform and services will lead to successful recruitment and engagement of study participants for our first of its kind, ARGONAUT study.
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Stephanie Culler, Ph.D
Stephanie Culler, Ph.D | Co-Founder & CEO of Persephone Biosciences
Acclinate is at the forefront of implementing a portal to make certain minorities are included in clinical trials.
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Randall Moreadith, MD, Ph.D
Randall Moreadith, MD, Ph.D | President of Serina Therapeutics
Trust is driven by relationships. The key to diversity is inclusion, we strive to include minorities in conversations, not as a statistic, as a human being.
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Tiffany Whitlow
Tiffany Whitlow | Co-Founder & CDO of Acclinate
Any serious, comprehensive discussion about health equity must include diversity and inclusion in genomic research and clinical trials.
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Del Smith, Ph.D
Del Smith, Ph.D | Co-Founder & CEO of Acclinate