Acclinate is achieving diversity
in clinical research.

Acclinate integrates culture and technology to
achieve better results for all.

Better for Communities of Color

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Access to health-related content that minority people care about, sourced directly from the minority community.

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An avenue for connection with others in the minority community by sharing perspectives, stories, and insights.

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Relevant and reputable resources to enable individuals' health journey.

The NOWINCLUDED community is our method for educating and engaging diverse populations on health-related issues.

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Better for Pharma/Healthcare Organizations

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e-DICT provides access to insights gathered from our engagement with minority communities.

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Researchers can query e-DICT to view aggregate, de-identified data on potential participants matching their inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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Researchers can ensure their trial is presented to eligible participants most likely to participate.

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e-DICT provides real time reports showing awareness, engagement, and participation activity associated with your trial.

e-DICT provides the power of actionable health data to modernize clinical trials and boost patient outcomes.

Meet Our Leaders

Del Smith

Del Smith, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Tiffany Whitlow

Tiffany Whitlow

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Camille Pope

Camille Pope,
PharmD, RPh

Chief Medical Lead

Shayla Wilson

Shayla Wilson, MPH

Head of Community & Digital Engagement

Ellie Newby

Ellie Newby

Head of Marketing & Communications

Bryan Saxon

Bryan Saxon

Head of Product & Technology

Rosemary Robinson

Rosemary Robinson

Head of Operations

Kyle Ashe

Kyle Ashe

Senior Director of Business Development

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