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Here are 8 best practices for enhancing diversity and inclusion in your clinical trials

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Our results in numbers


Engaged Community Members

Our #NOWINCLUDED platform boasts over 20,000 engaged persons of color, providing a unique and representative sample for engagement.


Increase in Diverse Pre-screens

With Acclinate's proven recruitment strategies, our latest study achieved a 400% increase in self-identified, pre-screened persons of color.


Willingness to Participate

Out of the 400% increase in pre-screened persons of color in our latest study, 40%+ expressed willingness to participate.

A transformational take on how to diversify clinical trials

Here are eight best practices for revolutionizing clinical trial diversity to make research more inclusive.

How to invest resources into diversity upfront
Design trials for communities of color
Understand the communities you're working with

Proven Strategies for Diversifying Clinical Trials and Achieving Results

At Acclinate, we understand the importance of diversity in clinical research and have developed effective strategies for recruiting underrepresented populations. Our approach results in accurate, generalizable data and improved outcomes.

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    Proven methods for accessing and engaging communities of color
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    High mobilization rates among engaged individuals
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    Increased representation of diverse populations in the study sample

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer any questions you may have about our platform. To help you get started, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Does Acclinate recruit patients for trials?

Acclinate is dedicated to promoting diversity and representation in clinical trials through our #NOWINCLUDED platform and sustained engagement tactics. We empower communities of color to make informed health decisions and connect pharma with individuals willing to participate in clinical trials. As a leader in this field, we do not recruit individuals for trials; instead, we access, engage, and mobilize communities of color.

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How does Acclinate access and engage communities of color?

Through our community engagement platform, #NOWINCLUDED™, we empower and inform minority communities by providing access to relevant health-related content sourced from experts. Our platform serves as a hub for connection and shared perspectives, stories, and insights among members of the minority community.

We actively engage with underrepresented communities through online and offline channels, such as community activation points. These points of connection include trusted individuals and organizations with credibility in communities of color, including elected officials, healthcare providers, HBCU presidents, faith-based organizations, and sororities/fraternities.

Together, we are working towards greater representation and inclusion in clinical research.

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Does Acclinate partner with CROs?

At Acclinate, we understand the importance of collaboration and partnership in achieving our mission of promoting diversity and representation in clinical research.

We partner with leading CROs, DCTs, and Patient Engagement firms to provide innovative engagement services and predictive analytics software, e-DICT. Our cutting-edge technology helps pharmaceutical companies and health organizations identify and precisely target likely participants for their clinical research, resulting in more efficient recruitment, lower costs, and increased diverse enrollment.

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