Lightship Increased African American Representation in a Clinical Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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4 Months
Alzheimer’s Disease

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Before Recruitment, Build Representation

In mid-2022, Lightship partnered with Acclinate to increase African American representation in a phase 3 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease. Recognizing the need for a more diverse participant pool, the Lightship team engaged Acclinate’s expertise. The engagement spanned 4 months, and during this period, Acclinate aimed to double the number of pre-screened African Americans that Lightship had reached in the prior 12 months (43 people in total).

Lightship leveraged Acclinate’s three-staged approach, which combines community engagement through NOWINCLUDED with the predictive analytics tool, e-DICT. Lightship pre-screened 164 potential patients, and 157 of them identified as Black or African American. Acclinate’s efforts identified 86 patients who were eligible for screening.
Acclinate’s increase in total pre-screened patients, accomplished in a third of the time
Of those who passed the prescreener answered a call from Acclinate expressing interest in participating, up from 18.4% from the CRO.
Community members were deemed eligible for further screening through Acclinate’s efforts.
Sometimes, people do not know how to gain access to clinical trials. Our partnership with Acclinate leverage[d] their established, trusted community connections, digital platform, and app with Lightship’s robust clinical trial infrastructure and commitment to meeting participants where they are to deliver their clinical trial.
— David MacMurchy, Lightship CEO
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