Meeting People Where They Are

Meeting People Where They Are

Improving Diverse Recruitment for an RSV Vaccine Trial


In early 2021, a clinical research organization (CRO) tasked Acclinate with helping them recruit participants for an RSV vaccine trial. The trial sponsor expected a particular mix of races and ethnicities in the US-based studies. 

However, the customer had historically poor recruitment of diverse participants. Most of the customer’s trial sites were located in areas with low diversity (majority non-Hispanic, White residents). As a result, the customer lacked trust among the nearby communities of color. In addition, the customer had never applied a consistent approach to diverse recruitment across all of their sites.

The customer anticipated difficulty recruiting a diverse population from their target demographic, healthy seniors 50 years or older. In addition, the lack of trust between communities of color and the pharmaceutical industry would likely keep healthy seniors of color from enrolling.


Acclinate proposed a six-month pilot program to assess and improve the customer recruitment process. With Acclinate’s targeted engagement strategy, the customer could finally begin approaching target participants more effectively and meet the new standards of the pharmaceutical industry.